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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


Online Courses

Eager and ready to share…that’s the common theme from our online students


“Can’t wait to incorporate these ideas in the classroom. I prefer ‘push in’ services rather than the ‘pull out’ model. Plus the S’cool Moves activities are very easy to instruct!”

“It’s so nice to have evidence-based research to discuss what I’ve known but couldn’t prove except through case stories.”

“I am excited to incorporate S’cool Moves into my daily practice with students!”

“I appreciate you and the time (15 years!) you have put into your research and teaching. I am glad to be receiving this training and I hope I can get more educators to “buy in” to what we already know but struggle to implement into the curriculum.”

“I appreciated all your work producing such an excellent program. The materials are wonderful. I am looking forward to taking the next two classes and begin using this program.”

S'cool Moves Online TABS Training

Targeted Academic and Behavior Support

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Ready to learn? Ready to have fun?
Here at S'cool Moves we don't think these are mutually exclusive.

Our courses offer Continuing Education Units through Chico State University for teacher credit. Our courses are not approved by any governing board. All participants receive a certificate of completion and the necessary details to apply for CEUs through state or local governing boards. Chico State credit does not count for academic programs. The course is graded Cr/NC, so make sure 800 level continuing education courses count for your needs. These credits are NOT transferable or applicable toward degree completion.

We offer two ways to experience S'cool Moves Online Courses:  AS A GROUP with our Online Blended Courses (OBC) or INDIVIDUALLY with our Self-Guided Courses (DIY).  More info ahead...

Online Blended Courses for small group professional development

Think about the challenges You are experiencing that might be alleviated by implementing S'cooL Moves? we’re ready to help you find solutions.

WHO: Small groups of five to thirty people (there is flexibility if a few more want to register). This process only works well with small groups and best when group members are working with K-5 students. This is not designed for larger groups.

Debra conducting a live online training.

Debra conducting a live online training.

WHAT: Our Online Blended Courses are an overview of our TABS Model (Taregeted Academic and Behavior Support). “Blended” means a combination of self-guided viewing of materials in our online classroom and offline small group activities, along with 2.5 hours (or less if need be) of live online instruction with Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Reading Specialist and Founder of S’cool Moves.

Online blended courses are designed to meet your group's goals. If you have designated inservice days, early release days, or are part of a Professional Learning Community, this is a great way to enhance your professional practice.

WHEN: Whatever date(s) works best for your group as long as we have the date available. The format is flexible to meet with your scheduling needs. Attendees have access to our online classroom for several months to view videos, download content, and review material covered during the live session with Debra.

WHERE: Together in one room with screen, projector, computer with a camera, speakers, and high speed internet. Individual tablets are not needed (or desired due to technology issues).

WHY: Our courses focus on evidence-based practice and lead to innovative, collaborative classrooms... AND they’re FUN!

HOW MUCH: $145.00/person ~ Includes materials and downloads to go with the course. Materials provided if purchased separately are more than the cost of the per person course (such a deal!). Materials include our Quick Start Kit which includes Minute Moves Poster Set, Focus Moves Beginning Poster Set, Focus Moves Intermediate Poster Set, Focus Moves Instruction Booklet, Quadrant Word Tap Cards, Tapping Sticks. Downloads include Minute Moves lesson plan book, Focus Moves Implementation book, Job Cards, Twister Puzzle Cards, and Word Ping-Pong Card. That’s a whole lot of stuff, valued at over $275.00 if purchased separately, plus you get live coaching/instruction.

THE CATCH:  All materials must be sent to one location. One person will be the leader who will correspond with our office to make all arrangements for the course, including distribution of materials.

TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS:  You need a computer with a camera that is connected to a Smart Board or LCD projector, a projector screen for participants to view the course content, speakers attached to the laptop, high speed internet, and a room where everyone can gather in one place. It doesn't need to be fancy, just quiet and distraction free. The course is delivered via Zoom so current operating systems are needed. It is as simple as one click and costs nothing on your end. Everything is set-up automatically once you click on the meeting link that is sent to you. Dry runs are available for those who want to test the technology prior to the actual course day. This is recommended. Debra shows you around the Zoom platform and prepares you for a stellar delivery free from technology jitters. In the event the internet is down on your end, storms roll in, or some disaster strikes, courses are rescheduled at no extra charge.

WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A GROUP? We have open enrollment DIY courses for individuals. See the information at the bottom of this page regarding our courses structured for individuals to complete on their own.

To request an online training, please complete this form.

The Online Blended Course is an overview of our TABS Model:

Minute Moves

Our Minute Moves interventions are designed for whole school involvement to enhance the quality of collaboration between teachers, therapists, parents, and support staff. Classroom management, improving focus, translating clinical practice into school-based practice, teaching self-regulation skills, and practical application of educationally relevant neuroscience are the ultimate goals for our Minute Moves information.

Questions To Consider

Focus Moves

Our Focus Moves interventions are designed to teach effective strategies to help students focus more of their energy on academics by bridging the developmental gap that holds some children back from accessing curricula. Focus Moves activities supplement motor groups, APE, PE, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, transitions, brain breaks, behavior intervention, and special education curricula.


Power Up! Moves

The Power Up! Moves small group interventions are designed to supplement classroom instruction and integrate therapy techniques into reading strategies. Evidence-based theory underpins the techniques discussed and is essential information for teachers and support staff working with children who may have co-morbid sensory processing, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and/or ADHD. Add to any reading curriculum.


What are your training goals?

Are you trying to figure out how to work in classrooms more and pull-out less?

Are you interested in adding additional interventions in classrooms, with small groups, or individually with students?

Does a lively, entertaining workshop sound like a great way to fill a staff development day?

Do you want materials included so you can get started right away?

What are your next steps? Use the form below to request a workshop on any date of your choice. If we have it available, it's yours!


Our Fall line-up of online course offerings for individuals hasn’t been finalized yet. Please check back soon or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information.