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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


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Targeted Intervention That Works In Classrooms For Busy Teachers And Support Staff

Can you improve behavior and academics without adding more to your plate?

What’s the one thing all these students have in common? What is the one thing you can do today that helps each of them? In their differences, find their similarities. Our One-for-All and All-for-One strategy is a great place to start.

Yes, Indeed!

  • Time is the issue. We get that. Our interventions flow seamlessly into daily routines. Keep on teaching and don’t miss a beat.

  • Can students actually support teachers by leading routines and managing their behavior? You bet.

  • Imagine your staff agreeing on interventions appropriate for all students and honed for the challenging ones.

  • Interventions are easy to implement and effective or they didn’t make the cut.

  • Money. Did we talk money? No expensive equipment to purchase. Your budget won’t get blown purchasing our low cost materials.

The only evidence based training program proven to enhance collaboration while improving student Behavior & learning

We mined the data and uncovered impactful gems that lead to student success. Designing interventions doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming, confusing, or exhausting. But they do need to be evidence based, effective, and easy to implement.

Everything we teach fits into everything you teach. Academic goals are always integrated into targeted interventions.

Get Training When You Need It

With our Online Blended Courses, get trained any day and time your staff needs, provided the date is available. Whether it’s a two hour PD you’re needing, full day, or a couple afternoons. Dr. Wilson, loves solving challenges and simplifying the complex. Collaboration hacking is her thing.


“Thanks for having such a valuable body of work to present, and for the dynamic way in which you present it. It was very well received.”

Judi Campbell, Director of the Morgan Center

Kind Words From Our Inspiring Community

Dr. Rachel Gambino, DPT

Dr. Rachel Gambino, DPT

“I’m having my rock star moment. The more I share my passion for educating, the more my staff is seeking out information from me. I am so excited and feel so successful.”

Dr. Rachel Gambino, DPT

“Thank you for giving us such a successful day. We haven’t had people so excited about anything for quite some time.”

Peggy Canale, Teacher

Finding Common Ground: OTs, PTs, Teachers, and Specialists

Tiffany Clark, OTR/L

Tiffany Clark, OTR/L

“Teachers, students, support staff, and administrators love using this curriculum and are seeing the difference that it’s making in the classrooms!

I love having something tangible and already beautifully put together to share with teachers. I feel like I am being so much more effective as an occupational therapist in schools.”

Tiffany Clark, OTR/L

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Ready to simplify your life, make your job way easier, and reach those students who’ve been keeping you up at night? Limited or no money for kits? Consider pooling funds and purchasing loaner kits for teachers and support staff to borrow and try out.

“Our loaner kits are always checked out. We have to go hunt them down at the end of the school year.” Holly Klein, Autism Specialist

  • Choose Minute Moves for classroom or school-wide implementation.

  • Choose Focus Moves to bridge developmental gaps or use in motor labs.

  • Choose Power Up! Moves to supplement Orton-Gillingham reading programs or any program you use.

  • All Super Kits come with online video support and an online team to help you get started easily.

Conversations with Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Founder of S'cool Moves, Reading Specialist, Collaboration Coach, Mum of an Adult With Special Needs, and an Trusted Advocate for Children Who Think and Learn Differently (whew! that’s a mouthful)