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What is S'cool Moves?

We are an educational company that provides training and materials for schools wanting to enhance collaboration between teachers, therapists, parents, and other school staff. We believe all children can succeed when provided with the opportunity to learn how to focus, self-regulate, and take responsibility for their behavior. In S'cool Moves classrooms, behavior and academic strategies are effectively intertwined.


Introduction to S'cool Moves ~ Part I:

What is S'cool Moves?


 Introduction to S'cool Moves ~ Part II:

The product lines.

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S'cool Moves products were developed by a Reading Specialist to help her struggling students.
Our materials work well with Response-to-Intervention models and are aligned with Common Core State Standards.
how to get teachers, therapists, parents, and support staff involved in collaboration and working together
Schoolwide Collaboration
Bright Minds
Working Together.
Academic Intervention
Harness Their Energy.
Release Their Potential.
Developmental Activities
Change the Body.
Change the Brain.