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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


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Student success with less stress in minutes a day

Everything we teach fits seamlessly into everything you teach. We’ve created effective, easy-to-implement therapy based routines that calm, focus, and improve academics without adding to your already full plate.

 Did you know that a student’s inability to sit upright at the desk, may negatively impact reading comprehension? How about this one…moving your eyes back and forth thirty times could improve memory recall by 35%. Practical application of research is our thing.

Did you know that a student’s inability to sit upright at the desk, may negatively impact reading comprehension? How about this one…moving your eyes back and forth thirty times could improve memory recall by 35%. Practical application of research is our thing.

Activities are always integrated into academics for focused learning and faster mastery of academic skills. Unlike some of your students, we’ve done our homework and have supporting research printed on our materials for easy reference. There’s no need to sweat it when someone asks, “Where’s your research?”

Though you can use our activities on your own in your classroom or clinic, our research has shown that these strategies are even more effective when shared by teachers and support staff working together in classrooms. And yes…

We’ve heard all the reasons why collaboration doesn’t work including:

  • time or lack thereof

  • money and resources

  • special education and general education divide

  • limited agreement on effective strategies

  • busy agendas with no priority given to collaboration

    We’ve designed our Therapy-based Academic and Behavior Support (TABS) program to minimize the barriers to collaboration and ensure students and teachers are getting the support they need in the classroom.



success stories from our workshop attendees piqued our curiosity

With the support of the University of Southern Queensland, we conducted extensive research focusing on school-based teams who described their collaboration as successful.

We mined the data for nuggets of gold and designed our TABS program based on the themes we uncovered.

Our program is evidence-based to enhance collaboration between multidisciplinary team members while also improving behavior and academics for students. It’s a win-win all around.

Download our research paper here.

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from our research Findings…Nine simple ways to Power Up!

  • Learn quick minute routines that are used daily by the entire staff and students to support all learners.

  • Integrate therapy strategies seamlessly with academic skills so no time is taken away from teaching.

  • Deliver services in the classroom so there are more hands on deck and more students getting help.

  • Encourage students to lead routines as soon as possible so all children become leaders in the class.

  • Send home visuals of routines and invite family members to use the activities together.

  • Teach minute lessons during staff meetings so everyone learns new routines at least once a month.

  • Post routines on bulletin boards around the campus for easy reminders to recharge and power up.

  • Adopt a school culture where staff open their doors, invite one another in, and share skill sets.

  • Implement a universal framework of theory, research, and tiered intervention that gets results.

“I’m having my rock star moment. The more I share my passion for educating others, the more I see my staff seeking information. I am excited and feel so successful.” Dr. Rachel Gambino, DPT, Rock Star


“Teachers, students, support staff, and administration professionals have loved using this curriculum and are seeing the difference that it’s making in the classrooms! I love having something tangible and already beautifully put together to share with teachers. I feel like I am being so much more effective as an occupational therapist in schools. Thank you!”

Tiffany Clark, OTR/L

“Thank you for giving us such a successful day. We haven’t had people so excited about anything for quite some time.”

Peggy Canale, Teacher

“Thanks for having such a valuable body of work to present, and for the dynamic way in which you present it. It was very well received.”

Judi Campbell, Director of the Morgan Center


For twenty years, we’ve been serving districts, individual schools, and organizations by showing them how to “flip the learning switch” for their students. We’d love for you to join us.

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Ready to flip the switch? these kits are the perfect start!

  • Choose Minute Moves for classroom or school-wide implementation.

  • Choose Focus Moves to bridge developmental gaps or use in motor labs.

  • Choose Power Up! Moves for literacy stations to support readers with dyslexia, SPD, or ADHD.

  • All Super Kits come with online video support and an online team to help you get started easily.

We’d love to be your virtual team. Come join us online.

Grab a snack and come hang out with cool, insightful collaborators eager to share tips and insights gained from years of experience. Our Crowdcast presentations are with leaders in the field like Diana Henry, Carol Kranowitz, Linda Hodgdon, Deb Dana, Kelly Mahler, Leanna Rae, and more.

“Connections are powerful. When we’re invested, inspired, and most of all, connected to the right people, we can dream bigger, reach higher, and find the confidence and creativity that comes from being surrounded by similar souls."

—from a blog post by Gina Bianchini

Conversations with Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Founder of S'cool Moves, Reading Specialist, Collaboration Coach, Mum of an Adult With Special Needs, and Passionate Advocate for Children Who Think and Learn Differently (Whew! Did we leave anything out?)