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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.



Your staff could agree on a core set of therapy-based minute routines and activities designed to improve self-regulation, focus, developmental skills, and academic goals?


These activities could integrate seamlessly into the academic day and actually net you more time to teach while reaching student goals faster?


Hello, I'm Dr. Debra Em Wilson, founder of S'cool Moves, An innovative collaboration company...

We integrate therapy-based strategies into the classroom so all students benefit.

My mission in creating S'cool Moves is to make life easier for busy, time-crunched, and often overwhelmed teachers and support staff while providing excellence in meeting academic and behavior goals for students.

Bridging the gap between special education & general education services

Bridging the wide special education and general education divide begins with utilizing effective therapy-based strategies that integrate seamlessly with what you already do on a daily basis, while building capacity through sharing knowledge with other team members.

The recipe for collaboration bliss

You need an evidence-based framework that facilitates sorting and organizing all your training, resources, and strategies into a tiered intervention system that illuminates your path to success. Add in a dynamic Five Systems Approach, and you have a winning recipe for collaboration bliss.

S'cool Moves can increase the effectiveness of your intervention strategies, in minutes a day, without adding more to your already full plate. We'll show you how.


I'm also a mom of a child with special needs so I really get it, personally and professionally. If inclined, please read about my personal journey here.

An example of collaboration best practice by integrating focusing and developmental needs with academic skills using Quadrant Word Taps.

An example of collaboration best practice by integrating focusing and developmental needs with academic skills using Quadrant Word Taps.

Evidence-based Strategies That work for busy teachers & support Staff

Through a rigorous doctoral research study, I dug deep to uncover specific, actionable strategies that underpinned collaboration between general education teachers and occupational therapists working together in inclusive classrooms. The results of the study generalized to teachers and multidisciplinary teams including physical therapists, behavioral specialists, speech pathologists, autism specialists, literacy coaches, adapted physical education and more.


Come Learn With Me & get started now

Throughout the sixteen plus years I've been traveling the globe, I've shared my evidence-based strategies, tiered framework, and Five Systems Approach with phenomenal teachers and support staff. Conducting hundreds of school district trainings with thousands of multi-disciplinary team members in attendance has provided a wealth of experiences and insights. I'd love to share what I've learned and short cut your team's learning curve through:

quick and easy buy-in

Everything you need to know to get your staff on board is at our New to S'cool Moves page, including a professionally written paper titled Enhancing Collaboration Through Evidence-Based Practice that's ready to hand off to anyone needing to learn more to move forward.

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