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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


The Essence of Learning

Welcome. If you are reading these words, then it's likely you're here on this site for a reason.

Dr. Debra Em Wilson

Dr. Debra Em Wilson

I believe I know that reason well. It's the kids. The ones that just aren't responding to the curricula that works for the majority. You're here because you are driven by a passionate need to unlock the potential that you know is there, inside each child. It's the same reason that S'cool Moves exists at all. My name is Debra Em Wilson. I am a reading specialist and the creator of S'cool Moves. I am happy you've found our site. I've spent my life and career searching for the answers you're hoping to find. I believe S'cool Moves is the resource you need to support your students. Our evidence-based, simple tools and strategies work. They work because they meld the best thinking of educators and therapists to create a new collaborative model. In just minutes a day (literally), we'll help you design a support system that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of learning with ease—while opening up avenues to a child's understanding: the true essence of learning. 

Debra Em and Shalea

Debra Em and Shalea

This all began very personally for me.

My life changed in deep and meaningful ways when my daughter, Shalea, came into the world. You can read more about her story here. Shalea's profound physical and cognitive challenges put me on a mission of research and study that has led to equally profound discoveries and the development of the almost magical tools (dare I say it?) you are about to encounter. In my journey to help Shalea, I was introduced to occupational and physical therapy techniques that were very effective with her.

At this time, I was a reading specialist in a California school district. Being over the moon by my daughter's progress, I tried incorporating some of the principles I'd learned from Shalea's therapist with my students who were not progressing as I'd hoped. The measured growth was surprising and remarkable—the light was turned on, in me! With passion ignited, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my life. That was over eighteen years ago. Through years of continued research and development, S'cool Moves has grown and evolved to bring you proven products and services that can truly make a difference in the lives of the children you serve. You are the front lines. I want to be your backup. Please take a few moments and learn more about S'cool Moves, our workshops, and materials. 

What Is S'cool Moves?

We are a family-owned educational company passionate about providing up-to-date research, materials, and training in best-practices to support collaborative efforts between teachers and support staff. We believe a classroom environment that inspires success for all students begins with a team of inspired, innovative, and talented staff.

In S'cool Moves classrooms, developmental skills, sensory-based behavior strategies, and academic techniques are effectively intertwined without any one area being mutually exclusive from the other. Strategies designed to support students with special needs are easily modified and expanded to be available for any students in the classroom who might benefit.

Students participate in Quadrant Word Taps to improve rapid naming speed, visual-motor integration, and reading fluency.

Students participate in Quadrant Word Taps to improve rapid naming speed, visual-motor integration, and reading fluency.

S'cool Moves is an innovative blending of brain science, sensory-based strategies, solid learning theory, and developmental pedagogy. The ultimate goal of S'cool Moves training is to teach "same page interventions" in an easy-to-implement format for busy teachers and support staff. 

Common Ground

We bring together the medical and educational models to produce a delicious blending of strategies from clinics to classrooms.

S’cool Moves is like the making of an educational chocolate peanut butter cup.

S’cool Moves is like the making of an educational chocolate peanut butter cup.

S’cool Moves uses evidence-based strategies from occupational, physical, and developmental optometry therapies. Blending these strategies with academic techniques increases focus, self-regulation skills, and academic stamina. In minutes a day, busy teachers, therapists, and other support staff join their powerful skills sets together to meet the expectations we have for our students and ourselves. We support students by bringing therapy techniques into the classroom for the benefit of all students, not just those who receive support services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The students who often fall through the cracks due to not qualifying for services receive the support they need to move out of the bottom quarter and close the gap between themselves and their peers. Don't just take our word for it, read the Top 10 Reasons Why S'cool Moves Supports a Multidisciplinary Team Approach, written by occupational and physical therapists from Cincinnati Public Schools.

"We absolutely love your materials!!! What a blessing for staff to use, tying the educational to therapy goals, and what a blessing for the students we service!!!"

Mary Lou DeRyder, P.T.A.
St. Joseph County Intermediate School District

Some of our valued clients

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