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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


Creative Cutting Edge Collaboration

Getting everyone moving in the same direction while maintaining unique skill sets and talents

While others may offer you a stand alone program, we offer you a collaboration framework that inspires you to bring together all your training and intervention strategies into a cohesive whole that gets your staff moving in the same direction. 

Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Passionate Founder and Reading Specialist

Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Passionate Founder and Reading Specialist

You need solutions that are effective, easy to implement, and evidence-based.

So we take special care to do the research for you and provide a unique system focusing on gathering the different skill sets of multi-disciplinary teams into a framework that makes collaboration successful and enjoyable, really.

You've struggled long enough with trying to figure out how to meet the needs of children with a wide variety of challenges including self-regulation, focus control, developmental delays, and academic struggles.

Our collaboration framework and differentiated intervention strategies are going to change all that for you.

Ready to learn more? Head over to our New to S'cool Moves page and watch our introductory videos.

Embrace all the strategies you love

No one strategy works for all children. S'cool Moves techniques integrate beautifully with strategies you already use, but before we add more to your tool bag, let's organize the tools you already have. The secret to creating a successful intervention protocol is in knowing what strategies work best with what children using our Five Systems Framework. Simply plug your current strategies into our framework and let the clarity begin.

Then embrace some new make-ya-wanna-go-to-work strategies

Students participate in Quadrant Word Taps to improve rapid naming speed, visual-motor integration, and reading fluency.

Students participate in Quadrant Word Taps to improve rapid naming speed, visual-motor integration, and reading fluency.

S'cool Moves blends effective (and fun-to-teach) intervention strategies with academics to meet goals related to focus, self-regulation, and academic stamina. We've created a savory intervention protocol where academics and neuro-developmental skills are not mutually exclusive from one another but actually go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Our Minute Moves, Focus Moves, and Power Up! Moves utilize evidence-based strategies from occupational, physical, and neuro-developmental therapies layered into a dynamic approach to collaboration.

Are you trying to figure out...

tap into the wisdom of an inspired professional learning community

Our collaborative framework is based on years of research, working with hundreds of school districts, and training thousands of educators and support staff. We deliver a jam-packed, inspired training program for individuals, small groups, and whole districts. Our double-looped training is designed to keep everyone learning long past the day of training. Our video blog, Facebook group, Q & A sessions, and online classroom provides continuous opportunities to network with others dedicated to helping staff and students reach their thrive potential.

Need information to move forward? Research. resources. references. It's all pulled together for you in this helpful document.

Enhancing Collaboration Through Evidence-Based Practice


enrollment is now open for our engaging and informative three-Part course. Earn a certificate up to 45 hours or earn up to three units of university credit.

Go here to learn more about our DIY course.

Have a PD Day and looking for a Great Training? Now Accepting Online Blended course requests for small groups of 10-30.

"This training has helped so many of my classrooms across my school district (Alameda
Unified). After the training, we the OT dept. in Alameda, took it to our SELPA professional learning group and from there after a process we got the admins to buy into it, and got it put in to our district on the ground level at elementary schools. I find it a good program in that it is in teacher speak, so it is not hard for teachers to keep up with it in the classrooms. So, again thanks and thank you for the program."
                                                              Julian, OTR

"We absolutely love your materials!!! What a blessing for staff to use, tying the educational to therapy goals, and what a blessing for the students we service!!!"

Mary Lou DeRyder, P.T.A.
St. Joseph County Intermediate School District

Some of our valued clients

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