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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


Understanding how S'cool Moves brings administrators, teachers, and support staff together.  

S'cool Moves Professional Development

S’cool Moves workshops are one of the most highly recommended forums for school-wide collaboration training. We deliver the latest research and practical application in an active way that keeps attendees awake, energized, and motivated to learn.

Our Regional Training Centers

Due to the high demand for our trainings, S'cool Moves is partnering with professional organizations to bring courses to specific regions in the United States.

TheraMoves, Brooklyn, NY (serving NYC area, NJ, & Long Island)

Baker College Occupational Therapy Dept., Flint, MI (serving the state of Michigan)

Kid's Brain Tree, Fort Worth, TX (serving the state of Texas and Colorado)

Bright Path Therapists, San Francisco, CA (serving the Bay area)

ESD 112, Vancouver, WA (serving Washington and Oregon)

Methodist University Occupational Therapy Dept., Fayetteville, NC (serving the state of North Carolina)

If your organization is interested in becoming a regional training center, please download our flyer for more information.

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Don’t you wish you could manage time so it doesn’t manage you? Everybody would love to keep
the summer glow all year long. That, in a nutshell, is what S’cool Moves offers: a research-based
approach to enhance education through collaboration
. Being part of a team is much
easier than going it alone, not to mention essential with today’s diverse learners. We cordially
invite you to attend one of our workshops where you’ll learn activities and strategies that you
can teach in any classroom to help children learn and focus better. Did we mention
that our workshops are extremely engaging, fun, and jam-packed?

So what does “getting on the same page” really mean? Glad you asked, and we’ll explain it all in
terms of vocabulary, goals, and focused outcomes within the Six S’cool Moves Principles,
plus the latest and greatest neuroscience behind it all. We know that children exhibit a variety of
behaviors; the solution to this, we believe, is a “kaleidoscope” approach for effective intervention
when problems arise. We’ll teach you everything about the kaleidoscope approach—the hows,
the whys, and even how to align everything we do in the course with educational standards and
IEP goals.

Everything we teach fits in to everything you teach.


S’cool Moves offers active, hands-on instruction that keeps you awake and involved throughout
the day. We practice what we preach! Large and small group demonstrations are woven into the
training to add variety and maintain interest. Follow along with videos of teachers and students implementing
activities in real time in real classrooms.

Ten of our Minute Moves activities are taught just like you’ll be teaching them to your students. Focus Moves poster activities are organized into an easy-to-implement format. Best of all, you can personalize activities to fit your teaching style or therapy needs—our program works best when it works for you.

Through this program, you’ll learn how to develop a framework that organizes all your instructional
techniques within a three-tiered approach. How about a specific analysis method you can
use with your entire staff to instantly improve collaboration? That’s included. You’ll learn what
“trauma-informed teaching” means, and why this information can be downright transformative
in the classroom. And most of all, you’ll learn everything we’ve learned over 31 years of educating,
researching, and collaborating in the field.


There is plenty of meat in the way of evidence-based theory and research to win over the skeptics in the group. Participants leave our workshops excited to share all the motivating and effective activities they’ve learned. Teacher, therapists, and additional support staff can’t wait to work together in the classroom for the benefit of all students.

What you can expect to learn at our motivating workshops:

  Superhero Powers Unleashed Here!

Superhero Powers Unleashed Here!

  • Create a classroom of leaders who take responsibility for their behavior
  • Translate teaching related brain research into action
  • Understand how Causal Layered Analysis improves collaboration
  • Utilize the Energy Expenditure Model
  • Differentiate with the One for All Strategy and universal design strategies
  • Run your classroom based on the six Power Up! Principles
  • Unleash the Superhero in you; be more effective than you ever dreamed
  • Use techniques in the classroom that support consultative models
  • Improve collaboration between teachers and support staff
  • Integrate Minute Moves activities seamlessly into your jam-packed day
  • Help struggling readers bridge the reading gap
  • Integrate S'cool Moves into RTI or MTSS frameworks with ease
  • And so much more...
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School Age Workshop

Our one or two-day School Age Workshop training provides an overview of research, theory, and activities primarily for grades K-5 and middle or high school teachers working with students with special needs.

Preschool staff may be invited to the training, but we recommend our separate Early Childhood Workshop for a group predominately composed of preschool teachers. Submit a training request for details.

During the one or two day training, participants receive S’cool Moves materials and learn how to implement the materials in their school or clinical setting.

An engaging, hands-on workshop experience including: 

Therapy-based strategies for diverse “kaleidoscope” learners who may be labeled with dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and more

How to bridge services between special & general education with research-based, practical collaboration solutions that work for busy teachers and support staff

Neuroscience, dynamic systems approach, and strategies for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tierintervention

Engaging classroom videos along with active hands-on learning

Minute Moves for Tier 1 whole class intervention to support all learners using strategies including:

  •  Minute Moves for Calming 
  •  Recess Refocusing Routine
  •  Minute Moves for Fine Motor
  •  Minute Moves for Writing Posture
  •  Minute Moves for Focus
  •  Minute Moves for Test Taking
  •  Minute Moves for Vision
  • Speech and Reading Routine

Focus Moves for Tier 2 and Tier 3 individual and small group intervention & motor groups including:

  • Ten Focus Moves beginning level activities
  • Ten Focus Moves intermediate level activities

Power Up! Moves for Tier 2 and Tier 3 individual and small group literacy stations

  • Quadrant Word Tap activity using rhythm and bilateral integration to learn high frequency words
  • Transition Tune-ups for improving rapid naming and fine motor skills
  • Word Ping-Pong activity for learning new words while improving tracking and other visual skills
  • Power Up! Moves posters to integrate vestibular and developmental skills with academic standards
  • Brain Spark Reading Flipbooks for integrating S'cool Moves movement concepts with literacy stories using high frequency words.

The one day course is an overview of Minute Moves, Focus Moves, and Power Up! Moves. For extensive coverage of these topics, we recommend the two day course.

To find a workshop near you, check our Workshop Calendar.

Interested in bringing a Workshop to your facility? Please use this Request Form...


S’cool Moves® is not affiliated with any third parties. We make our programs available to the public, but S’cool Moves, Inc. does not endorse third party workshops or clinics because we cannot control or guarantee the quality of these workshops or clinics. We are the only provider endorsed and licensed by the authors of the S’cool Moves, Inc. programs.