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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

What Clients Say


What Clients Say...

I am thankful for the comments generously shared here and am fortunate beyond measure for the positive relationships forged with our course sponsors and attendees.

Teachers, students, support staff, and administration professionals have loved using this curriculum and are seeing the difference that it’s making in the classrooms! I am loving having something tangible and already beautifully put together to share with teachers. I feel like I am being so much more effective as an Occupational Therapist in schools. Thank you!
— Tiffany Clark, OTR/L
I want to thank you for giving us such a successful day. We haven’t had people so excited about anything for quite some time. I think we are going to make progress.
— Peggy Canale - Primary Teacher/California
Thanks for having such a valuable body of work to present, and for the dynamic way in which you present it. It was very well received.
— Judi Campbell - Director of the Morgan Center
Everyone kept saying, ‘That reading lady was great!’
— Cheré Tamura - Coordinator, NorCal Gymnastics Congress- California
S’cool Moves research findings suggest short-term, sensory-based
interventions implemented in natural classroom environments among at-risk students can enhance their engagement in school occupational performance.
— Spence, A. (2015). Use of a sensory-based intervention to improve on-task classroom behavior of at-risk urban elementary students. Unpublished doctoral capstone, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA.
I have found that S’cool Moves has the components to successfully work on every academic need that our children deal with.
— Rosanna Bumbalo-DeGrezia - New York Department of Education
I want to thank and share some very positive feedback we received regarding your whole-hearted participation in our Parenting and Provider Conference. Here are some comments, “Keynote was awesome”, “Keynote was very approachable, personable, and open to questions”, “Her keynote was interactive, kept everyone focused”, “Upbeat, fun stuff”, “Keynote provided practical information we can use.
— Emily Lacroix - Parenting and Provider Conference Coordinator
My kids and I really enjoy the Poster PE. They ask for it! I also have a few that will stand up and do deep pressures and hook-ups if they need to refocus or calm down, especially during a test! Splish Splash is a big hit along with Bo Wo Wones. I think we are going to make I Feel Proud our class them song for testing. Thanks so much!”
— Jeanneé Neville - California
S’cool Moves has been such a great tool for my preschool class. We love it! The kids (3-6) really appreciate taking that moment to regroup and regather ourselves into our classroom bodies after having a wild and energetic playtime. Thanks for all your work!
— Ella Rae
So many compliments were said about your presentation in Great Falls that I want to have you back for the conference!”
— Janet Betts - President Montana Reading Conference
Best Forum Ever!”
— Kathy Merritt - NapaCARES Coordinator/California
I am an occupational therapist and enjoyed your presentation in San Diego. I wanted to say thanks for your energy, a reminder on how to help the classroom teacher, and your developmental approach to reading. You are a true great member of any team.
— Val Plummer - OTR, SIPT
These activities will be useful right away. This has helped me better understand my students. Everything taught could be used immediately. I gained insight about the connection between physical activities and academic struggles.
— BTSA - Professional Development Evaluation