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Tuesday Tip: The holy grail of reading fluency and comprehension

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Tuesday Tip: The holy grail of reading fluency and comprehension

Debra Em

Today, it's all about the holy grail of reading fluency and comprehension. I've received several emails this week about this topic, so I've decided to make it today's tip. Please watch this short 6 minute video I put together starting with a one minute videoscribe animation and then going into an interview with a couple of experts who bring us up to speed quickly. I've edited the longer half hour version. You can find the complete video on YouTube if interested.

Since RAN is the holy grail for reading fluency and comprehension, improving RAN is one of the goals for our Power Up! Moves products including Transition Tune-ups, Rapid Naming Dot Cards, Quadrant Word Taps, Word Ping-Pong Cards, and several of our Focus Moves posters. 

Many of you have asked if there are norms for these activities, specifically the dot card. There are no norms. These are activities that help us observe how a child goes about completing activities that have a rapid naming component to them.

To date, there is just about NO research on how to improve rapid naming, so I decided to design some activities that make sense. 

Do we need more research? Absolutely. When I'm contacted by students in masters or doctorate programs, I invite them to focus on rapid naming since there is a huge Grand Canyon size gap between the research and its application.

If you are looking for norms for rapid naming, use the King-Devick Saccadic Eye Movement Test or the rapid naming portions of the CTOPP test. 

We know that many components underlie rapid naming including tracking, convergence, targeting, and mind-body integration so keep moving!