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Hands-On Implementation Project (HIP) Lesson One: I Can Calm Myself

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Brief, informative lessons to share with staff and students.

Hands-On Implementation Project (HIP) Lesson One: I Can Calm Myself

Debra Em

Thanks to the enthusiasm of occupational therapist, Sam Rudel, from Berkeley School District, we are working together to bring you our monthly Hands-on Implementation Project (HIP). Sam is doing a brief ten minute presentation at the monthly student assemblies at one of her schools and going into classrooms at some of the other schools.. This month, Sam is focusing on teaching students and staff the I Can Calm Myself poster moves. She plans to post I Can Calm Myself Posters in the office, nurse's office, and other key places where students may benefit from doing calming moves.

In this post, we've included the link to the I Can Calm Myself* routine including "Why it Works" on the back side. For home collaboration, Family Letters #1 in English and Spanish are included to send home as you see fit.

Click here to download I Can Calm Myself routine.

Click here to download the Family Letter #1 in English.

Click here to download the Family Letter #1 in Spanish.

If you are new to S'cool Moves and would like more information, view our introductory videos, research, and more.

In order to document Sam's collaboration with her staff, she'll ask teachers to complete a simple, fast survey that provides feedback about her classroom lessons. She can gather the surveys to document her time and show her supervisor perceived outcomes from the teachers. The feedback form serves as a way to improve her practice as well. S'cool Moves has improved a lot over the years from helpful feedback.

Click here to download the Feedback Form.

Debinar: A deeper look at the I Can Calm Myself Routine is at the end of this video

Dr. Debra Em Wilson teaches the I Can Calm Myself routine and provides a short "Debinar" explaining the neurophysiology that underpins the moves. The sleep routine is included at the end of the video to share with parents and guardians to help their children wind down to sleep.

Where do I get one of those cool Hoberman Spheres featured in the video?

If you Google "Hoberman Sphere," you will find many purchase sites. As for music for the calming routine, choose any quiet music you like. I find Enya has a lot of nice music that works and Rainbow Planet has a nice lullaby CD that can be purchased.

Can I order full size I Can Calm Myself Posters?

You can order a set of full color I Can Calm Myself Posters here (set of 10). Use coupon code GET15 to receive 15% off your order.

How can I become part of the S'cool Moves Professional Learning Community?

Please join in discussions over at our Mighty Network (way better than Facebook…no ads, all posts are seen, no random stuff, organized posts using topics).

Thanks for all you do for children! Debra Em

*These files may not be reproduced for any type of presentation where there is a financial gain by the presenter or enlarged into poster sizes.