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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

Super Kits

Minute Moves Super Kit


Minute Moves Super Kit

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Our Minute Moves Kit is great for whole class involvement and enhancing collaboration between support staff and teachers by everyone agreeing to implement the ten Minute Moves routines throughout the school day when needed. The routines are comprised of strategies from occupational, physical, and behavioral optometry therapies. The DVD that comes with the Minute Moves lesson plan books includes students demonstrating the routines in the classroom setting. The kit is designed to improve classroom management of student behavior and provide easy-to-do evidence based routines to enhance academic skills.

  • Minute Moves for the Classroom Book
  • Minute Moves Classroom Implementation online video DVD
  • Minute Moves Flip Book
  • Minute Moves Job Cards (ten different job cards bound in a handy booklet)
  • Minute Moves Posters (set of ten different 11×17 b/w posters)
  • Focus Finder Desk Strips and Vision Strips (pack of 25)
  • Butterfly 8’s/Rapid Naming Dots Cards (pack of 25 double sided cards)
  • Sturdy Tote Bag

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Watch Students Do Wall Push-ups with Spelling Words

Therapists love the heavy work involved with Wall Push-ups to help with shoulder differentiation, postural stability, and integrating the tendon guard reflex (reducing flight/fight in children). A clever teacher added another level of integration in the school setting by adding sight words (high frequency words) to the activity. Now vision skills are being honed as well as the mind-body system. Remember that the body learns ten times faster than the brain and forgets ten times slower. If you want to speed up learning, use the body.