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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

Super Kits

Focus Moves Super Kit


Focus Moves Super Kit

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The Focus Moves Kit includes a series of posters designed to bring therapy techniques into school-based practice in a way that anyone working with students is able to understand the movement patterns and achieve immediate success implementing the activities. If you have students who have developmental gaps that are holding them back from accessing curricula, the Focus Moves Super Kit is a good choice.

The activities may also be used for before and after school programs, transition breaks, motor groups, and quiet places where children go to decompress. If your parents are eager to be involved, the parent booklets that come in the kit are great to send home to enhance collaboration with families.

  • Focus Moves Beginning Poster Set (set of ten different 11x17 b/w posters)
  • Focus Moves Intermediate Poster Set (set of ten different 11x17 b/w posters)
  • Focus Moves Instruction Booklet
  • Focus Moves Instructional Video Content for Online Viewing
  • Foundation Moves (set of ten different 11x17 b/w posters)
  • Twister Puzzle Cards (set of ten different double-sided color cards)
  • Connect 12 Parent Booklet (set of three booklets)
  • I Can Calm Myself Posters (set of three 11x17 color posters)
  • Sturdy Tote Bag

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NOTE: Our Early Childhood Super Kit is discontinued. The foundation moves posters are now included in the Focus Moves Kit due to the activities being appropriate for transition Kindergarten and school age children with more involved needs. This was a request from many of you. We heard you and have made changes accordingly.

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Sean and his adaptive physical education teacher work together using Focus Moves posters to help him learn how to use his wheelchair more effectively, keep his head still for reading, and more.