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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.


Super Kits

S'cool Moves Super Kits unleash the Superhero in you

Save the world with developmentally appropriate curricula.
Shield the children and protect them from frustration and failure.
Stand-up for justice in the classroom where all children succeed.
Support rich, diverse, multidisciplinary collaboration.
Toss your glasses, don your cape, and unleash the Superhero you already are.

With our super kits you'll have more power to change the world than you ever dreamed.


The Ultimate Super Question...

The Ultimate Super Question...

If you haven't been to a workshop or taken one of our informative online courses, and you are trying to figure out which kit meets your needs, let's try to sort out your options. Though all our kits are designed to compliment one another, some kits are more focused on particular interventions and goals than other kits. Ultimately, your choice of Super Kit will be driven by the following elements:

  • Number of children in your target group
  • Level of intervention required
  • Frequency of intervention

Minute Moves Super Kit
275.00 325.00
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Our Minute Moves Super Kit is great for whole class involvement and enhancing collaboration between support staff and teachers by everyone agreeing to implement the ten Minute Moves routines throughout the school day when needed. The routines are comprised of strategies from occupational, physical, and behavioral optometry therapies. The DVD that comes with the Minute Moves lesson plan books includes students demonstrating the routines in the classroom setting. The kit is designed to improve classroom management of student behavior and provide easy-to-do evidence-based routines to enhance academic skills.

  • Minute Moves for the Classroom Book
  • Minute Moves Classroom Implementation DVD (now online)
  • Minute Moves Flip Book
  • Minute Moves Job Cards (ten different color job cards bound in a handy booklet)
  • Minute Moves Posters (set of ten different 11×17 b/w posters)
  • Focus Finder Desk Strips and Vision Strips (pack of 25)
  • Butterfly 8’s/Rapid Naming Dots Cards (pack of 25 double sided cards)
  • Sturdy Tote Bag

Focus Moves Super Kit
255.00 305.00
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The Focus Moves Super Kit includes a series of posters designed to bring therapy techniques into school-based practice in a way that anyone working with students is able to understand the movement patterns and achieve immediate success implementing the activities. If you have students who have developmental gaps that are holding them back from accessing curricula, the Focus Moves kit is a good choice. The activities may also be used for before and after school programs, transition breaks, motor groups, and quiet places where children go to decompress. If your parents are eager to be involved, the parent booklets that come in the kit are great to send home to enhance collaboration with families.

  • Focus Moves Beginning Poster Set (set of ten different 11x17 b/w posters)
  • Focus Moves Intermediate Poster Set (set of ten different 11x17 b/w posters)
  • Focus Moves Instruction Booklet
  • Focus Moves Instructional DVD (now online)
  • Foundation Moves Poster Set (set of ten different 11x17 b/w posters)
  • Twister Puzzle Cards (set of ten different color double-sided cards)
  • I Can Calm Myself (three full color 11x17 posters)
  • Connect 12 Activity Booklet for Home (three booklets)
  • Sturdy Tote Bag

Power Up! Moves Super Kit
350.00 425.00
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Bright Minds Working Together.

Many students struggle with learning due to gaps in skills that are not readily observed in typical intervention programs. These gaps include slow rapid naming, poor saccadic eye movement, difficulties with attentional shift, executive functions, and integrated motor issues. The activities in the Power Up! Moves Super Kit focus on improving these commonly overlooked challenges. All the activities support learners who need a kinesthetic approach to motivate them and keep the focus mojo going. The Power Up! Super Kit is a great addition to any classroom or intervention program. The activities integrate seamlessly with programs and strategies you already use.

  • Power Up! Posters (set of ten different 11×17 laminated b/w posters)
  • Power Up! Instruction Booklet
  • Power Up! DVD (now online)
  • Quadrant Word Taps Flip Book Level 100-200 (includes one set of tapping sticks and two double-sided laminated activity mats)
  • Quadrant Word Taps Flip Book Level 300-400 (includes one set of tapping sticks and two double-sided laminated activity mats))
  • Brain Spark Reading Flip Book Level 100
  • Brain Spark Reading Flip Book Level 200
  • Brain Spark Reading Flip Book Level 300
  • Transition Tune-ups (booklet with ten different activities, pack of 6 booklets)
  • Word Ping-Pong Cards (pack of 25 double sided cards)
  • Sturdy Tote Bag
I have found that S’cool Moves has the components to successfully work on every academic need that our children deal with.
— Rosanna Bumbalo-DeGrezia - New York Department of Education


Our Early Childhood Super Kit is discontinued. The foundation moves posters are now included in the Focus Moves Kit due to the activities being appropriate for transition Kindergarten and school age children with more involved needs. This was a request from many of you. We heard you and have made changes accordingly.


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