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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

Power Up Moves Products

Power Up! Laminated Posters, set of 10 different activities


Power Up! Laminated Posters, set of 10 different activities


This set of ten different 11 x 17 laminated posters builds on the activities learned in our Focus Moves Beginning and Intermediate Poster Sets. Once students are familiar with our Focus Moves activities, they are ready to up the brain power by adding sight words, vocabulary, prefixes, suffixes, math facts, and the like to the posters. Students or adults can write directly on the heavy laminated posters. Make literacy a moving experience and add these poster activities to any reading program or reading stations you already use.

The back of each poster comes with checklists, academic links, and ways to use the posters to improve academics or meet standards.

Research Minute: The body learns ten times faster than the brain and forgets ten times slower, according to Dr. Richo.

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