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Quadrant Word Taps Level 300-400 With Activity Mat and Tapping Sticks


Quadrant Word Taps Level 300-400 With Activity Mat and Tapping Sticks

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Our Individual Quadrant Word Tap Flip Books Level 300-400 includes a laminated mat and one pair of Tapping Sticks. Rhythm is healing for the brain according to Dr. Bruce Perry. When adding academics skills that children need to learn to an activity that is rhythmic, it's a win-win. The flip book includes some of the 300 and 400 most frequently used words from the Fry list. The 300 words are on side of the flip book. Turn the book around and the 400 words are on the back side of the pages.

Improve motivation, focus, and sight word acquisition with this fun and engaging activity that can be used alone or as a station activity. We can't even get our adults to stop doing it at our workshops. It's just too much fun!

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