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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.



An example of collaboration best practice by integrating focusing and developmental needs with academic skills using Quadrant Word Taps.

Are you new to S'cool Moves? This page is loaded with information to get you up to speed quickly. Enjoy!

"Is S'cool Moves evidence-based practice?"

Yes! We have the evidence-based topic thoroughly covered. Please visit our research tab HERE. Dr. Debra Em Wilson's doctoral dissertation focused on collaboration between occupational therapists and general education teachers. Her dissertation filled a void in the literature highlighting successful practices that underpin effective collaboration.

S'cool Moves believes in an "all hands on deck" approach to supporting children and teachers in today's classrooms by reducing pull-out services and bringing multi-disciplinary approaches into the classroom environment. Our research paper titled Enhancing Collaboration Through Evidence Based Practice is print or email ready for anyone interested in implementing S'cool Moves in their schools.

S'cool Moves can increase the effectiveness of your intervention strategies, in minutes a day, without adding more to your already full plate. We'll show you how. Watch our introductory videos to learn more.

Introduction to S'cool Moves Part 1

Introduction to S'cool Moves Part 2

Part 2 highlights the materials that we've developed to support a three tier intervention approach. You'll get to experience some of the activities first hand.

Part 1 provides the back story and theory underpinning S'cool Moves. This video is great to use if you are in need of a quick presentation that you've been asked to throw together in your spare time.

Bridging the gap between special education & general education services

Bridging the wide special education and general education divide begins with utilizing effective therapy-based strategies that integrate seamlessly with what you already do on a daily basis, while building capacity through sharing knowledge with other team members.

The recipe for collaboration bliss

You need an evidence-based framework that facilitates sorting and organizing all your training, resources, and strategies into a tiered intervention system that illuminates your path to success. Add in a dynamic Five Systems Approach, and you have a winning recipe for collaboration bliss.

Absolutely no one-size-fits-all approach

We all know that there is no one solution that magically solves the wide variety of challenges in today's schools. That's why S'cool Moves techniques are designed to integrate beautifully with strategies you already use while making you even more effective than you are today by providing a framework to sort and organize all those programs.

Excellence from years of experience

We deliver a jam-packed, inspired training program for individuals, small groups, and whole districts. Our double-looped training is designed to keep everyone learning long past the day of training. Our video blog, Mightbell community network, Q & A sessions, and online classroom provide continuous opportunities to network with others dedicated to helping staff and students reach their thrive potential with S'cool Moves.

Tiered Intervention to find common ground between medical and educational models

S’cool Moves uses therapy-based strategies supported by research. Blending these strategies with academic techniques increases focus, self-regulation skills, reading skills, and academic stamina. In minutes a day, busy teachers, therapists, and other support staff join their powerful skills sets together to meet the expectations we have for our students and ourselves.

We support students by bringing therapy techniques into the classroom for the benefit of all students, not just those who receive support services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The students who often fall through the cracks due to not qualifying for services receive the support they need to move out of the bottom quarter and close the gap between themselves and their peers.

There are different approaches to tiered interventions including Response To Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS). S'cool Moves uses a three tiered approach to support students and staff with interventions for the whole class, small groups, and individuals. This brief video helps explain how our techniques are used with a three tier intervention system.

What is the cost to implement S'cool Moves?

Originally, there was no cost at all. We didn't want to hear any excuses as to why schools couldn't implement S'cool Moves. The activities required no special equipment, materials, or products; however, therapists, teachers, and other support staff asked us to design visuals and materials to make implementation easier. They didn't want to hold all the activities in their heads and needed to be able to implement S'cool Moves quickly so we developed support materials.

Let's just say that if you are on a budget, received a windfall that you'd like to spend, or acquired a grant, we work hard to provide you with the biggest bang for your buck. We understand budgets after twenty years working for schools. Our products are super affordable compared to most educational and therapy products, and our training programs range in price to meet your budget needs.

S'cool Moves in the News... Again

Michigamme's new moves help kids focus

Anya Rath, Times Herald

For the past few months, the students at Michigamme Elementary have been moving in the right direction — literally.


District occupational therapist Jennifer Vogtmann began rolling out the program S'cool Moves, a series of therapy-based strategies, at Michigamme Elementary back in September after she received a $1,000 grant from Meemic Insurance and district support.

The program teaches students certain actions that can calm them down and are designed to improve self-regulation, focus, developmental skills, and academic goals.

"The energy that children have available for academics is based on total battery output," Vogtmann said in an email. "When their auditory, visual and sensory systems are not working at their peak, there is a drain on academics. This program teaches children how to recharge to reach full academic success."