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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

Minute Moves Products

Minute Moves Posters in Color with Job Cards and Research on Back (As Seen At Workshops)

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Minute Moves Posters in Color with Job Cards and Research on Back (As Seen At Workshops)

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Now in color, the Minute Moves posters are a great addition for the classroom if it's important for students to have a larger visual of the Minute Moves routines. The set of 10 different posters are printed on high quality paper, 11×17, and black and white so they are economical for budget-strapped schools. Improve self-regulation, focus control, and academic skills in minutes a day. The posters have research right on the back. You’re ready to go if you get tackled by a nay-sayer or skeptic.

Poster included:

Minute Moves for Calming

Minute Moves for Fine Motor

  • Minute Moves for Focus

  • Minute Moves for Recess Refocusing

  • Minute Moves for Reading and Spelling

  • Minute Moves for Vision

  • Minute Moves for Test Taking

  • Minute Moves for Writing Posture 1

  • Minute Moves for Writing Posture 2

  • Minute Moves Yawnbuster

Job cards to create student leaders and research on the back sides of each activity poster enhances collaboration and supports evidence based practice.

Research Minute: A rigorous study of over 1000 children followed into adulthood showed that children with better inhibitory control, attention regulation, and less impulsivity were involved in less risky behavior as teens and had better jobs, family life, and health as adults thirty years later. See the Snare Study at Springerlink.com for more information.

This is not a stand alone item. You’ll need the Minute Moves book and that comes with the online video content to understand how to do the activities on these posters. (Book and online content are part of the Minute Moves Collaboration Kit).

Teachers and therapists sometimes speak different languages due to the gap between educational models and therapy models for service delivery. Teachers have little time to do a separate set of activities for just those students with IEPs.

The good news is that we’ve figured out some helpful activities that can be used with an entire class. The result is a collaborative classroom that incorporates success into every day for all students.

Minute Moves Posters will help you to:

  • Bridge occupational and physical therapy goals with classroom academic goals

  • Improve student focus by utilizing sensory-based techniques often used only in clinical settings

  • Create organized transitions throughout the day while improving academic foundation skills

Minute Moves posters are 11×17 tabloid size for easy viewing by students in the classroom. Whether hanging on the walls or placed on magnetic white boards, the posters serve as a reminder to take minutes each day to keep students focused for learning. For a more compact version of these posters plus an added student leadership component, please see our handy Minute Moves Flip Book with Student Job Cards.