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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

Minute Moves Products

Minute Moves for the Classroom Book with Online Video DVD & Butterfly 8/Rapid Naming Cards (set of 25)


Minute Moves for the Classroom Book with Online Video DVD & Butterfly 8/Rapid Naming Cards (set of 25)


Minute Moves for the Classroom book includes a seven week lesson plan format to enhance collaboration between teachers and support staff. Also included in the book are family letters in English and Spanish to encourage parental involvement. The routines include recess refocusing, calming, class focusing, fine motor, vision, writing posture, test success, and more.

The Minute Moves Implementation online DVD is a companion to the Minute Moves book. This online video footage shows students and teachers doing the Minute Moves routines. Minimally edited, the weekly clips are filmed in real time in real classrooms.

See the individual description for Butterfly 8/Rapid Naming Cards for more information on this item.

With everyone on the same page and speaking the same language, students are more successful meeting their IEP goals and classroom academic goals. Unleash your Superhero good-behavior-power and conquer classroom management in minutes a day by integrating sensory supportive and brain friendly strategies into daily schedules.

Research Minute: Poor postural stability can decrease reading comprehension. See our research section for the study by Dr. Riley.


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