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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

Minute Moves Products

Focus Finder Desk Strips (with Vision Strips), 25 Per Set


Focus Finder Desk Strips (with Vision Strips), 25 Per Set


The package of 25 Focus Finder Desk Strips (with Vision Strip) is a fast and easy way to up the focus factor in any classroom. The desk strips are Inspired by teachers who told us they wanted a quick and easy way to remind students to do their moves without having to say a word. Just point to the image on the strip to remind them.

Teachers and therapists love our Focus Finder Desk Strips, and they are a perfect compliment to our other Minute Moves products.

Research Minute: If children's eyes are not differentiated from the head, reading comprehension can decrease by as much as 85%. See our research section for details.


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Product Description

These strips were designed because teachers asked for a way to be able to simply point to the move the child needs to do without stopping their instruction. Children learn how to calm, focus, or reduce testing stress by using the simple picture cues on the strips.

 MM Focus Finder Desk Strip

MM Focus Finder Desk Strip

Sometimes life gives us little miracles, and a teacher will observe a child doing the moves without being prompted.

The Focus Finder Desk Strip is really two products in one. The back side of the Desk Strip is printed with the Minute Moves Vision Strip, which is used for our Minute Moves vision activities. Strips are printed in full color on heavy card stock.