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An educational company providing resources for teachers, therapists, and other support staff focusing on collaboration and intervention strategies for preschool and school age students.

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What former students say about our courses:

"Eager to start using S'cool Moves right away!"

"Learned so much and can't wait to share it."

"Wow, so many great resources."

"So entertaining. The videos are engaging and fun, not dull like most courses I've taken."

"I really know how to help my struggling learners now and am using these techniques on my own children."


Can I earn graduate university credit or a certificate of completion?

Yes! Choose one, two, or three courses to complete your learning objectives. Earn 1 university credit for each course completed for up to 3 credits. Everyone receives a certificate of completion for 15 hours of study per course (total of 45 hours if all three are completed). Please receive approval to ensure credits count. This course is an 800 level kinesiology course through Chico State University. Credits are $60.00/credit paid directly to Chico State University. Details to register are in the first lesson of each course.

What Interesting courses are available?

Minute Moves zip course: $95.00

Download the Complete Lesson Overview Guide

This engaging course is designed to focus on Tier 1 intervention strategies that work great in the classroom but can be used in a variety of settings. Enhancing collaboration between teachers and support staff is the objective of the course.

This course covers Minute Moves theory and activities:

  • Apply best practice strategies to improve collaboration
  • Support diverse learners in a variety of settings
  • Learn ten Minute Moves Routines for classroom application
  • Meld brain research into therapy-based practice using the Energy Expenditure Model
  • Create sensory supportive classrooms for all students

Focus Moves zip course: $95.00

Download the Complete Lesson Overview Guide

This developmental foundation course is designed to focus on Tier 2 and 3 intervention for small groups and individual students using neurotherapeutic activities. Of course, the activities can be used in a larger group as well.

This course covers Focus Moves theory and activities:

  • Teach essential skills for academic stamina
  • Apply the neurodevelopmental model for learning with ease
  • “All hands on deck” collaboration using therapy-based interventions
  • Transitions and brain breaks with a purpose
  • Design interventions using the Dynamic Five Systems Approach

Power Up! Moves zip course: $95.00

Download the Complete Lesson Overview Guide

This innovative course provides the latest research on dyslexia and builds an evidence based argument for using neurotherapeutic intervention to improve literacy outcomes. You’ll think very different about “think different learners” after course completion.

This course covers Power Up! Moves theory and activities:

  • Design engaging, brain-based small group stations
  • Address rapid naming skill deficits
  • Address dyslexia kaleidoscope student needs
  • Integrate with any program and align with standards
  • Improve literacy through the Dynamic Five Systems Approach