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Digital Subscriber Home

Digital subscriber home

Welcome! This is the place to access your digital S'cool Moves Intervention Tools. Once logged in, you can access any of the Intervention strands using the secondary navigation menu at the top of each page.

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Minute Moves posters are great for whole class involvement and enhancing collaboration between support staff and teachers. Designed to improve student behavior and academics in minutes a day by using student-led routines that support all students in meeting goals.

Included in this set:

Minute Moves Posters

  • Minute Moves for Calming
  • Minute Moves for Fine Motor
  • Minute Moves for Focus
  • Minute Moves for Recess Refocusing
  • Minute Moves for Writing Posture: Core on the Floor
  • Minute Moves for Writing Posture: Core Out the Door
  • Minute Moves Yawn Buster
  • Minute Moves for Vision
  • Minute Moves for Test Success
  • Minute Moves for Reading & Speech

Minute Moves Job Card Set

  • Calming Consultant
  • Writing Pro
  • Focus Leader
  • Recess Transition Team
  • Core Coach 1 & 2
  • Move-It Manager
  • Chief Vision Officer (CVO)
  • Testing Director
  • Brain Trainer

Minute Moves 8's & Dots

Minute Moves Focus Strip

Minute Moves Vision Strip



Focus Moves interventions are designed to bring therapy techniques into school-based practice in a way that anyone working with students is able to understand the movement patterns and achieve immediate success with implementing the activities.

Included in this set:

Focus Moves Beginning Level

  • Focus Shapes 1
  • Belly Stretches
  • Twister Puzzles 1
  • Smiley Jumps 1
  • Hands & Feet 1
  • Jumping Feet 1
  • Figure 8's
  • Vision Moves
  • Smiley Tracing
  • Shape Tracking

Focus Moves Intermediate Level

  • Focus Shapes 2
  • Developmental Symphony
  • Twister Puzzles 2
  • Smiley Jumps 2
  • Hands & Feet 2
  • Jumping Feet 2
  • Cross Patterns
  • Rhythmic Tracking
  • Arrows
  • Rhythm Snaps

Foundation Moves

  • Wall Pushups
  • I See Shapes
  • Butterfly Moves
  • Frog Hops
  • Butterfly 8's
  • Going Home
  • Finger Walk & Spell
  • Lilly Pats
  • Rocket Reader
  • Super Rocket Reader

Twister Puzzles

  • 20 Different Puzzles

Bright Minds
Working Together.

Power Up! Moves interventions integrate academics into therapy-based activities to provide a multisensory approach to learning math and literacy skills. Words added to the activities make learning a moving experience using powerful therapy intervention.

Included in this set:

Power Up! Moves Posters

  • I Can Calm Myself
  • Midline Match-up
  • Move Groove
  • Awesome Arrows
  • Syllable Jumps
  • Eyes-ercise
  • Ender Lenders
  • Smarter Starters
  • Quad Squad
  • Tic-Tac-Toe

Transition Tune-ups

  • Monday 8's / Rocket Reader: Letters
  • Tuesday Tap-n-Pat / Rocket Reader: Dots
  • Wednesday Finger Flex / Rocket Reader: Numbers
  • Thursday Thinkables / Rocket Reader: Shapes
  • Friday Flips / Rocket Reader: Tricky Colors

Speedy Spark Word Ping-Pong