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Sometimes it's the easy things...

S'cool Moves

In a new Mayo Clinic study, researchers examined the physical act of reading to see if practicing eye movements in school could lead to better reading fluency. I was pleased to find the following video because in my position as a site literacy coordinator for twelve years, I used the King-Devick Saccadic Eye Movement Test to evaluate if the physical skills of reading were contributing to my students challenges with reading. I found the test to be highly reliable in separating the students with physical challenges from the students who had other issues, such as phonemic awareness or comprehension.

According to Dr. Amaal Starling, Mayo Clinic neurologist, we need to assist children with the physical act of reading. She gives a brief and helpful explanation here.

You asked so S'cool Moves created it!

Speedy Spark Word Ping-Pong is a fun, easy, super-fast activity that helps children track from left to right and may improve rapid naming speed (a skill tied to reading fluency). As an added bonus, Word Ping-Pong is engaging and motivating.

Students take turns reading the words — one student reads the words in the red rectangles and their partner reads those in the blue — just like ping-pong players taking turns hitting the ball.

Word Ping-Pong can also be used in large or small groups. If doing this activity with an entire class, split the class in half and have one group be the red group and the other be the blue group.

A gift for you.

We would like to give you an an editable version of a Word Ping-Pong card.

Just type in any words you want to use for the activity and simply project the card onto a screen.

Of course, the activities are aligned to CCSS, so we have included a space on this editable teacher’s card for you to add the standard you are working on with each week’s words. In the PDF file, there is an example card filled out for you along with the editable blank. (You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to edit the file.)

If you have purchased a set of Speedy Spark Word Ping-Pong cards for your class, they can copy their sight words from the screen to their cards and then work with a partner to practice their words, or take the card home to practice with family. (You can purchase a class set here.)

If you are looking for partner reading for your Daily Cafe activities, check out Brain Spark Reading Flip Books. Enjoy Mrs. Darst's second grade students explaining how to use the flip books. WATCH HERE

Enjoy and happy pinging!