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 22 Training Tips To Inspire Your Staff To Implement S'cool Moves: An Interview With Jessica Gilson, DPT

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Brief, informative lessons to share with staff and students.

22 Training Tips To Inspire Your Staff To Implement S'cool Moves: An Interview With Jessica Gilson, DPT

Debra Em

After doing an Online Blended Course with therapists from New Beginnings School in New Jersey, the therapists wanted to share what they had learned with their entire staff. After the therapists completed their staff training, I received an email from Jessica saying how excited she was about the training and that the staff was on board to begin implementing S'cool Moves.

Her excitement led me to ask if I could interview her and share how she managed to get an entire staff on board with only a TWO HOUR presentation!

During the interview, I kept noting the fantastic tips she was sharing. While editing our interview, I uncovered 22 tips, a virtual gold mine of information for all those emails I get with the same question, "I want to share what I learned in your course. How do I get my staff on board?"

I have a treat for you. Please enjoy this fantastic interview with Jessica Gilson, DPT. The audio on her end isn't as good as I'd like it to be and yes, she has the fast talking New Jersey accent going on, but it's worth the time to listen, even if it takes a bit more energy to hear well.

I've compiled her tips for you below. They make more sense once you listen to the interview.

1. Get excited and strike while the iron is hot.
2. Get administration on board.
3. Train paras and assistants to support teachers.
4. Find your eager 20%.
5. Tell staff how this training is targeting their needs.
6. Share brief history of founder.
7. Split the presentation by battery systems.
8. Tell a compelling story to get emotional buy-in.
9. Explain three tier strategy.
10. Ease implementation stress by providing initial support.
11. Release the responsibility to those trained when ready.
12. Model what you teach. Get everyone moving.
13. Teach calming techniques first.
14. Please! Never imply movement fixes reading problems.
15. Differentiate activities for your group if you can.
16. Use activities first so you can share examples and success.
17. Encourage attendees to explore and try activities.
18. Use what is already being done. Seamless implementation.
19. Remember the One For All Strategy to get into classrooms.
20. Emphasis on, "This can make your life easier!"
21. Tone it down. Don't give too much.
22. Remember the cell phone battery analogy. Don't wait 'til the battery is almost dead to
      recharge (this is an analogy I make regarding keeping students' batteries charged).

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your tips with us. Do you have training tips that have worked for your presentations? Please share with us.