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Hands-on Implementation Project (HIP) Lesson Three: Put the Core in Common Core State Standards

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Brief, informative lessons to share with staff and students.

Hands-on Implementation Project (HIP) Lesson Three: Put the Core in Common Core State Standards

Debra Em

We all know about Common Core State Standards but what I mean by "core" is a wee bit different than what policymakers mean by "core." Please allow me to explain...

In this lesson, I answer the following questions:

Is the relationship between core stability and reading comprehension scientifically valid?

Can core stability be improved in minutes a day?

How can we fit core work into our already jam-packed school days?

Are "typical" students in our classrooms having difficulty with core stability?

What does executive functioning (attentional shift) have to do with core posture?

Can the Pythagorean Theorem prove the correlation between core posture and reading comprehension? Finally, a use for geometry!

Included in this lesson are:

The name Core Out The Door was chosen because a) it rhymes so it's easier for your brain to remember, and b) it can be done before leaving for lunch or before students leave the classroom to go home or to after care. You can make this routine an end of the day routine so it's done every day before children head home. Remember your ABCs, Always Be Consistent. That's what wires the brain - daily, patterned, consistent routines.

Demonstration: Music Video For Students To Follow Core Out The Door Minute Moves Routine (3 minutes)

Debinar: Putting the Core in Common Core State Standards, Not What You Think! (11 minutes)

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Thanks for all you do for children, Debra Em

Please note: The materials provided here are for classroom and clinic use only. These are not to be copied for large groups where people have paid to attend a conference. The copyright is for individuals using these routines in their rooms only. Thanks for respecting the time and money it takes to produce these materials and provide them complimentary to support students and staff.